Emphas.is Crowdfunds Visual Journalism

If you’re a photographer looking for funding, Emphas.is is a resource to have in your toolbox.

Similar to sites like Kickstarter, a photographer can pitch his or her project straight to the public, who agree to fund the project if and only if the photog can muster enough financial support for the whole thing.

The site runs kind of like a cross between Kickstarter and Spot.us, where a publisher can get exclusive first rights to a story by kicking in enough cash.

(However, since there are already plenty of photography projects on Kickstarter, we’re not sure whether there’s a need for a separate visual journalism crowdfunding site.)

On the other hand, plenty of projects have been funded through the site–which has recently begun offering a photobook option–so anything that helps media people continue their work and let their work see the light of day is probably a positive.