Endless Arcade Reactor Starific Launches on Mobile

The game challenges players to keep a star on the playing field by moving a paddle around the outside of the board.

Developer Beveled Edge Studios has released its debut title on mobile devices: Starific. The game is described as an ‘endless arcade reactor,’ which challenges players to keep a star on the playing field by sliding their finger around the screen to move a paddle and hit the star before it leaves the field.

In each game of Starific, players are presented with a game board containing a different assortment and arrangement of colorful deflectors and bomb symbols. When the star hits these deflectors, players earn points, and the star continues moving, turning to either the left or right (with ‘equal chance’).

While all deflectors disappear from the board when hit, special deflectors will also release powers or boosts which players can collect with the paddle as they reach the edge of the board. Bombs, meanwhile, cause chain reactions, and can destroy multiple deflectors and trigger other bombs when hit.


Powers are temporary, and have both positive and negative effects. For instance, some positive powers may cause the paddle to become larger, or make star(s) move slower. Negative effects, meanwhile, may decrease the number of points players earn or make the paddle smaller. Other powers may trigger the appearance of additional stars on the board, or make stars bigger. When multiple stars are on the board, players only need to keep one on the playing field to keep going.

The board regenerates with new deflectors and bombs as players progress, and each game becomes more difficult as players continue to survive. As gamers play, they’ll collect money which can be spent to spin the prize wheel, which contains prizes like new visual themes. Money is also awarded to players as free prizes over time, and can be earned by watching video ads when these opportunities are presented.

The prize wheel also contains access to three additional gameplay modes: Moves, Time and Sandbox.

While gamers can play with Starific’s standard settings, users can also customize their experience by increasing the size of the game board or the difficulty (higher difficulties increase the number of points and the amount of money users earn while playing). These options must also be unlocked via the prize wheel. Finally, a sensitivity meter allows users to customize the paddle’s movement speed.

Beveled Edge Studios CEO Alex Gierczyk told SocialTimes:

Starific wasn’t planned. It happened unexpectedly. The prototype grew like a vine over a few weeks. Then when the dust settled, there it was, something that captured the essence of all my favorite arcade games growing up. I hope everyone likes it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Starific is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. The game is coming soon to Windows Phone. Starific does not include in-app purchases.