Enter the Urban Jungle on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

Like day and night, Big City Life and Nightclub City have moved as a pair up our rankings of fastest-growing Facebook games still under a million monthly active users this week, finally landing at the top.

Big City Life, by Playdom, is the “day” half of the equation, in which players get a job, make friends and enjoy their daily life. The other half of the equation comes in with Nightclub City, which is, as the name makes so clear, all about “da club”. It’s not Paris Hilton, though, as there’s also a management aspect to the independently developed game.

The two games also probably come a lot closer to the life of the average Facebook user than farming games ever did. Here’s the top 20 list from AppData:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Big City Life 711,997 +471,481 +196.03
2. Nightclub City 361,981 +273,370 +308.51
3. Jungle Life 264,271 +214,062 +426.34
4. Lettr’IQ 184,347 +173,182 +1,551.12
5. My Vineyard 496,918 +107,549 +27.62
6. My Casino 445,595 +102,914 +30.03
7. Profile Box 199,355 +93,520 +88.36
8. NanoStar Siege 269,157 +90,349 +50.53
9. Treasure Quest 105,114 +83,383 +383.71
10. MonstrosCity 231,923 +76,244 +48.98
11. ( Fupa Games ) – Arcade Blitz 290,250 +74,072 +34.26
12. Football Mania 266,425 +73,662 +38.21
13. Fashion Battle – Sorority City Diva Life 323,008 +68,714 +27.02
14. ¡Teclas Machucadas! 500,208 +68,550 +15.88
15. ( High Seas Pirates ) 323,764 +67,971 +26.57
16. Ranch Town 111,735 +66,164 +145.19
17. ( Full Moon Vampire ) – Twilight Blood Wars 333,414 +64,235 +23.86
18. Dumbville 233,017 +52,655 +29.19
19. Tubely Games 140,197 +52,176 +59.28
20. Funfari 318,878 +52,074 +19.52

Jungle Life comes in at number three, but it’s not the urban jungle; this is yet another game about raising baby animals. Playdom has its fingers here, too, since it invested in developer MetroGames. It should also be noted that both Jungle Life and the title after it, the word game Lettr’IQ, accomplished almost all of their growth over the past week.

My Vineyard must be aimed at all those Stanford grads who haven’t managed to blow all their life savings on wineries in Napa yet. It’s a Metaplace game, and appears to be growing faster than their first title, Island Life, did when it was released.

Skipping down a bit we find several more in-depth indie developers doing well. NanoStar Siege is a strategy game by Digital Chocolate; and while Treasure Quest sounds like a competitor to Zynga’s latest game, it’s actually an innovative take on the game portal concept by Big Fish Games. And the top half of the list is rounded off by MonstrosCity, which, happily, involves raising monsters instead of cute pets. It’s solid success on Facebook for its developer, BitMinion.

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