Entertainment Weekly iPad App Invites Readers to Buy EW‘s Favorite Stuff

As publications work to translate their content into interactive features on the iPad Entertainment Weekly is taking a slightly different approach — offering readers the chance to purchase content related to its stories, says Advertising Age.

Portions of the magazine’s “Must List,” a collection of endorsed cultural artifacts/consumer items, appear on the iPad edition, and thanks to a deal with Apple’s iTunes store, Amazon.com and Fandango, readers perusing EW can click over to the online stores for quick purchase. (Clarification: Entertainment Weekly does not have the same revenue-sharing deal with Amazon or Fandango that it has with iTunes.) Says AdAge:

“The entry recommending “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” on DVD, for example, includes buttons letting users watch the trailer, buy the DVD from Amazon, buy the soundtrack from iTunes or read the EW review. The entry on Fox’s sci-fi series “Fringe” touts the show above buttons letting users buy episodes on iTunes, watch EW’s “Fringe” preview video or read an EW recap.”

Entertainment Weekly gets cuts of the revenues from iTunes purchases that flow from its app. Although the iTunes store operates independent of the EW app, Amazon and Fandango run right inside the program. (Correction: The Amazon and Fandango purchase screens open up in separate browser windows and do not live inside the program.)

The fine line between “reading a magazine” and “watching commercials” just got a little narrower.