Entrepreneur Magazine Owns You

So there’s this magazine of which you’ve likely never heard – The Virtual Entrepreneur Magazine. And you probably won’t hear of it again now that this small, Boulder-based is likely losing its name as the result of legal action taken by Entrepreneur magazine. This week, Entrepreneur Media Inc. sent a cease-and-desist letter to The Virtual Entrepreneur Magazine, claiming that the smaller publication’s name infringes of the larger magazine’s trademarked title.

The Boulder Daily Camera has an excerpt from the letter sent by Mark Finkelstein, an attorney representing Entrepreneur:

The manner in which you are using the ENTREPRENEUR[reg] mark is clearly intended to trade on the considerable goodwill that EMI has developed in the ENTREPRENEUR[reg] mark and to cause third parties to believe that you are associated with, affiliated with, or connected to EMI.

Lily Chambers, owner of Virtual Entrepreneur, decided to comply with the letter’s demands, removing the word “Entrepreneur” from the publication’s website and replacing it with an “E???”, but she still feels baffled over Entrepreneur‘s seeming insistence to owning the word itself.

In fact, the magazine has previously filed lawsuits against Entrepreneurs.net; Entrepreneurmagazineblog.com; and the consulting firm Ernst & Young, which somehow managed to retain its “Entrepreneur of the Year Magazine” award.

So, weigh in. Is Entrepreneur simply protecting its brand and rightful property, or are they people behind it being colossal Cacaheads™ ?