Entry-Level Workers Have Unrealistic Expectations

Only 10 percent of applicants to entry-level marketing and advertising jobs fully understood what they were getting into, hiring managers say.

The shocking statistic comes from a survey by The Creative Group that said the majority of applicants had unrealistic expectations as far as salary and responsibilities.

Tempering this news is a new study from the National Association of Colleges and Employers that finds that the percentage of interns who become full-time hires at that company is at an all-time high since NACE began tracking in 2001. More than half (58 percent) of interns will ultimately end up with job offers from the company they interned for, the study found.

That’s not just because more employers are extending offers to interns, but because interns are more likely to take the job that’s offered. Yes, the bad job market is partially to blame, but some of this can also be attributed to the idea that a job at a company you already know is familiar and less, well, likely to generate unrealistic expectations.