Environmental Scribes Told Event Is ‘Oversubscribed’

Oversubscribed our asses.

Kelley Drye law firm continues to try to befuddle the reporting masses by acting like their “hydraulic fracturing” breakfast on the 19th is open to press. After all, they’ve invited reporters and then disinvited them. And now when reporters RSVP, they’re turned away and told there’s just too many people attending for them to come.

The truth, as we reported earlier in the week is that a White House official is attending and refuses to speak if reporters are present. “By the way, the WH muckety-muck whose appearance has apparently made this a crypto-secret affair is Heather Zichal,” a reporter speaking on condition of anonymity told us.

Zichal is Deputy Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change. Other speakers are John Richards, a Senior Advisor from the Office of the Under Secretary at the Dept. of Energy and David Poole, General Counsel of Range Resources.

Energy reporters who registered and were then turned away include those at The Hill, NJ, Energy Guardian and Politico and others.

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