1000 Teens Fight Depression With EPIC Lip Dub

Bullying and depression have always been important issues, but the urgency of these issues has made its way to the forefront in recent months, following a surge in gay teen suicide last fall.  In the last month alone we’ve seen a bullying victim become a hero for fighting back, body slamming his tormentor, a bullied teen take a quiet stand on YouTube and more.  Now a group of nearly 1,000 high school students is spreading awareness with an EPIC 10-minute lip dub, which is going viral on YouTube.

The video, created by students at Harrison High School in Georgia, was a partnership between the school’s Broadcast/Video Production Program and Sources of Strength, a national organization that encourages students to reach out when they feel depressed or alone.  The message that the lip dub attempts to convey is that students who are feeling down, depressed or suicidal needs to reach out to the positive sources in their lives, including their friends, families, and positive and caring adults around them.  Blake Tippens, the broadcast video production teacher at Harrison High, says, “Life isn’t as bad as it seems.  If you reach out, good things will happen.”

Yahoo News provides a bit more background about the Harrison High Lip Dub.  “If you pay attention to the video, there’s a story, developed by the students…In the video, the first actor to appear is frustrated and dreams of many “sources” throughout the video.  In the end, she realizes that it wasn’t just a dream—her sources are all there in the gym.”  Check out the lip dub below, beginning with the song ‘The Middle’ by Jimmy Eat World and ending with ‘Move Along’ by the All American Rejects, then read on to learn more.

Curious about how they put this together?  According to Yahoo, the first part of the video—the Jimmy Eat World song—was shot entirely backwards.  The singers had to learn to sing their lyrics in reverse, phonetically.  Additionally, the cameraman had to walk backwards through the school’s halls and down stairs for the backwards part.  Pretty impressive stuff, eh?

The sheer number of students that showed up to take part in the production is also impressive.  According to the description on the YouTube video, “Nearly 1,000 student showed up on a Saturday for the filming.”  Yahoo elaborates.  “So many students—from all clubs and areas—seemed to come out for the shoot.  Again, this can’t be stressed (and italicized) enough.  It was on a Saturday.”  Tippens said that he understands there are all sorts of different cliques and groups at Harrison, but “On this particular day, we were one big family and this (video) just helped to reinforce that feeling.”

What do you think about the Harrison High Sources of Strength lip dub?  Let us know in the comments, and if you enjoy lip dubs, check out our list of 10 hilarious lib dubs on YouTube.

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