Equinox Gives Us A Reason To Post Video of a Guy Working Out

Equinox Fitness Clubs, the fancy-schmancy gyms found in cities across the country, has launched a site, Q by Equinox, that features tips, interviews, and even stories about topics like travel and fashion. According to Equinox, the site is an opportunity to extend the brand and share the expertise of the trainers and experts at the gym and on its board. Why post a story from another outlet when they’ve got the knowledge right there, to paraphrase the email we received.

The site is edited by former DailyCandy editor Jasmine Moir and former SELF fitness editor Liz Miersch and the vibe is meant to be “clean,” “sleek,” and with a bit of “tongue-in-cheek.” Right now, it features Q&As with Diddy and Sarah Jessica Parker (the gym says it has lots of celebrity ties). That’s great and all, but there’s also video of this guy working out on the roof of a building.