33 Percent of Americans Own an eReader or Tablet

The latest study from the Pew Internet and American Life Project chronicles some unsurprising trends: People are reading less print books, more eBooks, and those who own eBook readers or tablets are on the rise. eReaders saw an almost 10 percent growth in ownership this past year, while the number of people who owned tablets grew 15 percent. That makes 33 percent of Americans eBook reader/tablet owners.

What does this mean for news orgs? The rise of the eBook doesn’t just upend the publishing industry. Such avenues are growing in importance for news orgs too: Today, The Atlantic published its first original eBook, Battle at the Eden by Amanda Martinez. Editor Scott Stossel hinted at more future projects, saying the eBook “sets a high bar for the ‘AtlanticSingles’ to come in the months and years ahead.” Many other journos have taken the same route for their longform stories; examples include ProPublica and Ars Technica. Plus, there’s all the startups that are using the tools of technology to bring us the best of longform content (Matter, The Atavist, Longform etc.) Death of journalism, you say? We’d say now seems to be the most exciting time for crafting content. (Now, if only digital revenue could keep up with print losses…)

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