The Tale of an LA Talk Show Dreamer

St. Petersburg Times TV critic Eric Deggans is doing his best to nudge Maurice Jeoffroy (pictured) towards that national TV talk show success the latter so desperately craves. After writing about the Tampa resident’s desire to be the next Leno in February of 2010, he decided to check back in with Jeoffroy, a.k.a. “Motown Maurice,” while in LA this summer for the TCA Summer Press Tour. Late last year, Maurice relocated to LA to pursue his dream.

Motown Maurice currently keeps his clothes in a Koreatown storage facility, walks or takes the bus to auditions and hopes that a new web series, The New Jack Web Attack, might kick start his west coast career. He’s managed to get an agent and, thanks to an LA County employment program, his first housing that is not shared—a motel in South Central. Enthuses Maurice:

“The timing is perfect,” said the 31-year-old, sounding almost giddy. “Literally, when I’m at my most homeless point, this comes along. Before this, I spent my days at cafes, libraries, Denny’s. I couldn’t get anything done.”

Jeoffroy has appeared on the Jerry Springer hosted dating show Baggage and has a number of other TV appearances coming up, including an episode of Wayne Brady‘s Let’s Make a Deal and another dating show, Excused. To follow his ongoing adventures (and read his surprisingly lukewarm opinion of Deggans’ coverage), go to

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