Interview With Eric Futoran of Yoo-Mee Games

For this week’s Friday Podcast, I had a chance to sit down with Eric Futoran from Hooked Media Group and Yoo Mee Games. They create a social gaming platform which allows players to connect with each other and carry their profile across iPhone and Facebook, as well as power publishers and developers to better monetize their games. They also have the ability to let players earn real cash while playing games.


We had a chance to talk about the difficulty of integrating user profiles, the opportunity in social gaming, and how to make tools that are easy for game developers. Here are a few points from the interview:

  • Users can play skill-based games against each other for real money as Yoo Mee gold coins.
  • Users can cash out whenever they feel like it and get some money
  • Users have the choice to play with tokens or real money gold
  • Users started playing almost all their tournaments for gold once Yoo Mee gave away $2 to every player that signs up for Yoo Mee
  • They want to encourage both free and pay types of gaming
  • Companies are bringing back ‘games for money’, and lots of companies based in poker are likely eyeing a comeback to the United States
  • Yoo Mee is an audience focused company more than anything, they try to get users the best experience as possible, let the users connect with others and then continuing to grow with the dynamic landscape.
  • Listen to the podcast for a lot more insight.

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