Kate Upton’s Republican Congressman Uncle

Elevator rides of the rich and famous.

In the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine, Marin Cogan has a lively profile of the Ricketts family, owners since 2009 of the Chicago Cubs.

From a New York (Mets) perspective, one of the funny article passages about the Chitown era of siblingsĀ Tom, Laura, Todd and Pete Ricketts involves supermodel Kate Upton:

Upton recounts how she became friends with the Ricketts family on her 21st birthday two years ago. Standing in the elevator of her New York apartment building, she heard a voice that sounded like her dad’s making jokes about hitting all of the buttons on the elevator before they got off at their floor.

“I was like, ‘God, he’s making stupid jokes. He’s so annoying.'” Then she looked up and realized the man was her uncle, Fred Upton. “I was like, ‘Uncle Fred! I’m related to you.'” Her uncle, a Republican congressman from Michigan, was in town for a meeting with the Ricketts family. Kate went to her apartment, threw on some clothes and joined the party.

There are many things that can be pointed to as symbolic emblems of the Cubs’ turnaround. At the top of that list, certainly, is the idea of the world’s most famous supermodel watching games from a Wrigley Field luxury box while listening to stories from one of the Ricketts about time spent on CBS’ Undercover Boss.

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[Screen grab via: espn.go.com]

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