Esquire, GQ Jockey for Momentum in Milan

Back-to-back fancy soirees.

EsquireJuneJulyCoverThe Esquire party took place Friday night at the Museo Bagatti Valsecchi. The GQ fete followed last night at the Radio Rooftop Bar.

As New York Times Styles reporter Matthew Schneier notes in his piece about the Esquire bash, there is some symbolism in these back-to-back soirees at Milan’s Men’s Fashion Week, which runs through June 21:

The landscape of men’s style magazines is changing rapidly in America. At the end of 2015, Condé Nast folded Details; around the same time, Maxim, having hired Kate Lanphear to revamp the magazine in a more fashion-forward and luxury-centric direction, parted ways with her and returned to its naughty, laddie-mag roots. That leaves Esquire to duke it out with GQ, its Condé Nast rival.

GQ has a nice photo gallery of the action atop Radio on Saturday, where DJ Heron Preston spun tunes and a gelato cart dispensed scoops of local magic. Schneier includes a Q&A with new Esquire EIC Jay Fielden, conducted over a glass of pink champagne described in the current issue as “manliest.” From their conversation:

Can you say where you’re hoping to take Esquire?

I want it to be fun, funny, stylish and substantive. Those are four things that if I could apply them to everything in the magazine, I’m happy. It needs a full-on overhaul to be what I think Esquire should be in this day and age, which is dovetailing with a moment in which men are more eager than ever to embrace a certain amount of daringness when it comes to style.

Pictured: Esquire June/July issue

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