A Maverick of EIC Style

New York Times compares Esquire's Jay Felden to a famed gunslinger

The Wild-Wilde locks of Esquire's Jay Felden.
Headshot of Richard Horgan

Esquire magazine’s most recent “Mavericks of Style” encompassed 22 men. Designer Hiroki Nakamura was deemed to be “The Denim Whisperer;” Olivier Zahm, editor of Purple magazine, was celebrated as an “Anti-Fashion Editor;” and Mr. Jennifer Aniston was anointed “The Badass Biker.”

Now comes the corollary. A piece this weekend in The New York Times by Alex Williams, which begins with a few paragraphs tied to a November party held for the “Maverick” honorees at New York’s Le Coucou restaurant, segues fairly quickly to this description of Esquire editor in chief Jay Felden (pictured):

… said Mr. Fielden, 48, sounding nostalgic as he reclined in a banquette, wearing a steel-bluel Ferragamo suit and sporting what may be the best head of male hair in the magazine industry, a cascade of artfully coiffed curls that calls to mind both the belletrist whimsy of Oscar Wilde and the gunslinger gusto of Wild Bill Hickok.

Hickok died in Deadwood, S.D. in 1876; Wilde passed away in France in 1900; and the print magazine industry is most certainly currently on its deathbed. However, as Esquire goes down for the digital count or resourcefully survives, it will have Felden, coiffed curls blowing in the disruptive wind. As it so happens, the Esquire EIC is also this weekend heralding the print magazine’s complete redesign beginning with the March 2017 issue. Changes include a new logo and larger trim size.

Read the rest of Williams’ feature here. And a little more about why Hickok may have grown his hair long here.

Photo via: Esquire

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