Esquire to Launch Retail Website

David Granger, Editor-in-Chief of Esquire, told a crowd at the Publishing Business Conference and Expo that the magazine is readying an online retail site called Clad. According to eMedia, the site will offer men’s clothing, and attempt to bridge the gap between the pages of Esquire and shopping. Granger explains:

My motivation for doing this is simple: Magazines have already done one essential thing — we’ve made people want things, whether it’s a better life or better shoes … But for the hundreds of years that magazines have been around, magazines have stopped short on delivering that desire.

He didn’t offer up any specifics about Clad, but did say that it would be connected with “one of America’s largest retailers.”

What could that be? Well, Esquire isn’t one to flaunt the latest looks from Sears, so whichever company it is, it’ll be slightly upscale. J. Crew perhaps? If it’s anything more expensive than that we’ll be emailing the editors, “Hey, wrote about Clad and we love the tweed overalls, any chance for a discount?”

Tweed overalls are going to be everywhere next fall, by the way.

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