Ether Books Brings Short Works to iPhone

Ether books is set to launch at the London Book Fair today. Ether is a UK-based eBook app developer that is selling short stories, poems and other short works through its iPhone app. Authors whose works will be available through the app include Alexander McCall-Smith, Robert Frost, and Paul McCartney.

Ether Books Digital Director Maureen Scott told Reuters,”The tech press may be slavering over the iPad, Kindle and Sony eReader as traditional publishers leap over themselves to expand their e-book offerings…But at Ether Books we’ve made the decision to go straight to distributing short works via our iPhone app to devices people already own, are familiar with and are happy to use when they have 10-15 minutes to spare.”

Hardly a revolutionary strategy at this point, but here’s yet another way to grab some literature on your iPhone. Stories cost between $1.99-$3.99 through in-app purchasing.