Ethnic Media and the Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’

New America Media’s Elena Shore has an interesting piece on how America’s immigrant press treats the term “Illegal immigrant.” Naturally, most of the Spanish language press loathes the term.

“For us, it’s unacceptable,” La Opinión‘s managing editor Amelia Estades-Santaliz told Shore. As with most of the Spanish language press, “undocumented” is the preferred term at the paper.

But what about other ethnic groups?

Shore speaks with the Russian media, Korean media, Chinese media, but perhaps her most interesting discovery is that the Filipino press has a rather derogatory term they sling from time to time: TNT which is Tagalog for “tago ng tago,” or “always in hiding.” “Undocumented,” however, remains the preferred nomenclature in most Filipino media outlets.

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