Eva Studio brings match-three game Ruby Rush to Facebook

Eva Studio has released its newest game on Facebook, Ruby Rush. The game sees players completing match three levels to retrieve gems stolen by a sneaky fox, with a twist on the traditional match-three play seen in so many other games.

In each level of Ruby Rush, players are required to collect certain numbers of specific colors of gems in a limited number of moves. Matches are created by swapping the locations of two gems, but players must then manually collect the gems that have been removed from the screen by hovering over them with their mouse pointer.

That is, when a match is made, the matching gems start bouncing around the screen, and players must collect them before they can make another move.

At the end of each stage, any remaining moves turn into additional bouncing gems which can be converted into more total points for the level. Players have a variety of power-ups at their disposal in difficult stages, including a glove for swapping the positions of any two gems, regardless of location, or a bundle of dynamite that removes a small cluster of gems from the board.

These power-ups can be purchased with real money once their free supplies run out, but players can also activate their own power-ups by making matches of four or more like gems. Special ‘L’ or ’T’ shaped matches, for instance, will clear whole rows and columns from the board, while making a match of five gems clears 17 gems from the board in the shape of a large T.

Ruby Rush is now available to play for free on Facebook. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.