Eventful Launch for MySpace: MySpace Events

MySpace announced the launch of MySpace Events, which allows artists and users to create, discover, and share events, and which already boasts more than 1 million concerts added to this year’s calendar.

The platform also allows users to purchase tickets to certain events, where applicable.

MySpace Events lists all events on its social and pop-culture calendar, and its goal is for users to be able to share events via the MySpace Stream and across the Web, including on Facebook, Twitter, and tiny url.

MySpace director of events and ticketing Marcus Womack posted on the MySpace Blog:

With the MySpace Events launch, artist profiles will soon be updated to offer advanced features to alert fans of upcoming shows and the ability for fans to purchase tickets directly from the artist’s profile. You can see the ticketing functionality on the Owl City profile here (pictured).

Artists and users frequently use MySpace to organize their events. In March alone, nearly 126 million event invites were sent with the Social Plan app on MySpace. By incorporating Social Plan and iLike technology, MySpace Events will make it easy for people to manage their entire social calendar and share events on MySpace and across the web on Facebook, Twitter, and tiny url. The new social and pop-culture calendar will include everything from birthday parties to music festivals and even Facebook events (via Social Plan).

Offering a deep integration with the broader MySpace experience (through placements on the user homepage, navigation bar, and user and artist profiles), the Events platform brings endless possibilities for our music and advertising partners to reach our audience with events and activities they care about most.

MySpace co-president Jason Hirschhorn said in a release:

Our users already post millions of events to MySpace each year, and the events platform is the next step in enabling them to discover, create, and socialize around the events that are most relevant to them. MySpace Events allows users to find events of every size, from a local concert to the next Lakers game to Jay-Z’s tour, and then takes it a step further by providing the option to easily share the event and even purchase tickets.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.