The Coming Months Will Be Eventful for Facebook Events

Facebook plans to add several improvements to its events feature over the next few months.

Facebook plans to add several improvements to its events feature over the next few months, and product manager Aditya Koolwal provided a preview of what users can expect to JP Mangalindan of Mashable.

The developments Koolwal described to Mangalindan included:

  • Events will be featured more prominently in News Feed.
  • When users RSVP to events in their News Feeds, a drop-down Related Events will appear underneath, offering suggestions for similar events those users may be interested in.
  • Users will be able to share events directly via the Facebook Messenger applications.
  • One-on-one chats in Messenger between event hosts and invitees will be enabled, and events will be shared as attachments, similar to photos or audio files.
  • Facebook is working on the ability to invite non-Facebook users to events, but Koolwal said this addition is slated for 2016 at the earliest, telling Mashable, “One thing we’ve heard from feedback, especially from emerging markets, when users are creating events is that they can’t invite all their friends because not all of them use Facebook. You won’t have the full Facebook experience, but for me, that’s fine, because as the organizer of that event, it’s important to know that I can invite you.”
  • Hosts of private events will be able to tell if invitees viewed their invites, with Koolwal telling Mangalindan, “If you’ve created a public event, it probably doesn’t matter as much if two people can’t come if you’ve invited, say, 500 other people. But it probably matters more, though, to someone organizing a small, intimate dinner party.”
  • Koolwal told Mashable his team is toying with the idea of a stand-alone events app, although there are currently no plans to move forward with this project.

Readers: What changes would you like to see in Facebook’s events feature? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.