Evernote Adds Sharing To Android App

Last week Evernote released an update to their Windows app that added the ability to share notes on Facebook and Twitter. Evernote has now released an update to their Android app that adds the same sharing capability, along with many other features.

Unlike Evernote for Windows, the Android version is only directly supporting sharing with Facebook. It does, however, support Android’s built-in sharing with other Android apps, which means you should be able to share notes via the Twitter app for Android. Unfortunately, in my testing the URL for the note is not being properly shortened preventing me from sharing via the Twitter app. However, you can share notes via email, which is something that you cannot do with Evernote for Windows.

Another new feature is the the display of note locations on a map. If you have the GPS radio turned on while creating a note, Evernote stores your location coordinates with the note. Tap Menu, Map to see an overview of your note locations as shown in the screenshot. You can zoom in and out on the map using the pinch and expand gestures to see the specific locations where you created notes. If you are the type who likes to journal as you travel, this location awareness feature is a great way to find what you wrote during your travels.

While Evernote has added many more features to their Android app, one final one that I want to highllight is the PIN Lock, which is only available for premium subscribers to Evernote. Without PIN Lock, anyone who gains access to your phone, either because you haven’t secured the phone with a passcode or they cracked your code, has access to your information in Evernote. PIN Lock adds an extra level of security by requiring the entry of a PIN in order to access your notes. I wish that Evernote encrypted notebooks, both on devices and on their servers, but PIN Lock is a nice additional level of security for mobile devices.