Evernote Premium Service Customers Get Note Size Increase (50MB per note) & Note Versioning

You can’t fault a for-profit company for trying to make some money (and maybe profit). Evernote provides a powerful free web service for recording and organizing notes that can be in the form of text, document files, audio files, photos and videos. They even have an OCR service that can let you search for text in photos. Their premium service costs $45 per year and gives the subscriber a larger monthly file sync quota, faster OCR service of images, and a couple of additional enhancements. Evernote just announced two additional enhancements for premium service subscribers:

New Premium features: Note History and 50MB notes

1. The 25MB size limit for a single note has been increased to 50MB for premium users. Since this file size limit applies to all media types (not just text), this means Premium service subscribers can store larger documents and video files in a single note

2. Premium customers can now look at different versions of “Note History” and even selectively export a note’s various versions. Evernote points out that this can be especially useful for shared notebooks editing by more than one person. This Note History feature is only avaialble through the web interface for now. However, Evernote has plans to make it available through their desktop applications soon.ever

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