Evernote Updates Android App

Evernote has released an update to their Android app, and it should be available now. The update includes two new features and fixes a bug that has been plaguing Android users.

Evernote has improved the search bar to make it multifunctional. You can now use it to filter on tags, display notebooks, and run saved searches. As you type in the search bar matching saved searches, tags, and notebook names appear in a drop-down list that you can then tap, as shown in the image below.

Image courtesy of Evernote

Evernote now uses your phone’s native camera capabilities, so that you can take pictures from within Evernote using the full capability of your phone. A month ago Evernote released new versions of their Mac and Windows clients that exposed a bug in the Android client. When users tried accessing certain notes they got a java.lang.IllegalStateException error and where not able to open the note. In this release that but is fixed.

Evernote has not provided too many details about what will be coming in future versions, but they have committed to adding local storage to Android phones. Currently, to access any notes with the Android client the phone must be connected to the Internet, while the iPhone/iPad apps can retrieve notes that are stored on the phone. Local storage is a feature I am looking forward to on my Nexus One, and I also hope that Evernote will also quickly add support for Android 2.2’s in-app search.

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