Evernote’s Moleskin: A Business Analog to Digital Notebook with Plenty of Space for Play

Digital note takers, take note: Evernote’s Moleskin Business is neither all business nor all digital. Users on the analog side of the mobile device will be especially enthused. These notebooks allow you to upload your handwritten, pen-to-paper ideas to the cloud using your phone’s camera. The best part? There’s a secrete note-taking space for collaborate sharing. Just select whether you want to share the entire page or just the top section. The rest is your’s for the scribbling!

Of course it’s gimmicky, but there’s also a nice checkbox at the top of each page to set reminders. With Evernote’s handwriting recognition software, you can even search your digital scans for important, business things. Oh, it also comes with fun, smart stickers:

Each notebook comes with a set of Smart Stickers. You can customize what happens when Evernote sees a Smart Sticker on a page. For example, set the airplane sticker to mean that the image should be placed into your Travel notebook. You can define the sticker actions Evernote’s camera settings.

The Evernote Business Notebook is available in the Evernote Marketfor $32.95. The Document Camera with Evernote Business Notebook support is available in Evernote for iPhone and iPad, coming soon to Evernote for Android.