Everyone Now Has Access To The New Twitter.com

Have you been to Twitter.com lately? If you have, you’ll have noticed a completely new look awaits you.

Twitter launched a new interface back in December, but just this week unrolled it to all users. Here’s how to navigate the new Twitter.com.

Twitter has undergone a total redesign, with many features that were once hidden now highlighted to make finding relevant tweets easier.

The new Twitter.com features two columns, just like the old – only these columns are reversed. Your timeline now sits on the right-hand side and additional information, such as your mini-profile, “who to follow” suggestions, and trends.

When going through your new home timeline, just click on any tweet and you’ll now be able to see expanded details such as the timestamp and any videos or photos that accompany it. You can see an even more detailed view of the tweet by clicking “Details”. This view will give you the direct link to the tweet itself, and allows you to embed it in a blog post, article or elsewhere online.

On the main navigation bar, you can browse the “Connect” tab to view any activities related to you – your @mentions, tweets that others have favorited or retweeted, and new follows. Next to that is the “Discover” tab, which shows you tweets related to your interests, locations and world events.

The redesign also features a new profile page, and an expanded profile page for brands which you can read about here. You can also figure out how to find all of your retweets on the new Twitter by reading this article.

What do you think of the new Twitter.com? Is it a step up, or are you floundering with the new layout? Let us know in the comments below.

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