#EvianBabyAndMe Brings Out The Baby In You [VIDEO]

Love babies? Who doesn’t, really – except maybe cats (babies pull tails and compete with cats for Internet supremacy).

People are sharing their #EvanBabyAndMe pics on Twitter and we thought you’d want to be among the first to get in on the fun. You know, before it goes all Harlem Shake and everyone’s doing it – followed by The Today Show a week later.

Oh and there’s video of babies dancing here that you won’t want to miss! Perfect Friday entertainment.

The folks at Evian know how to build buzz with interactive apps. First they brought us Melotweet (it turned tweets into musical notes and had a gaming element) and now this – Baby & Me. It allows users to “meet their inner baby.”

The campaign continues to focus on evian’s longstanding commitment to the Live Young lifestyle message: youth is not a matter of age, it’s an attitude.

Available for download on Android, iOS and Facebook, application users are be able to discover their own inner baby.  Developed by BETC Digital and B-Reel, the application allows users to choose an existing photo or a new photo taken with the application. Users are then asked to select their skin tone and eye shape.  Once selected, their photo is “baby-fied” and their inner baby is revealed.

Like this:

Bet you want to see how it makes YOU look as a baby now, right? And no, looking at your baby pictures isn’t the same. Nobody likes a spoilsport. iPhone users click here; Android here. Naysayers, click away to the next post.

After you baby yourself, be sure to share it on Twitter along with the #EvianBabyAndMe hashtag!

Now here’s that video we promised:

(Image from Shutterstock)

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