Evidence for new Facebook iPhone App Surfaced & Then Disappeared

Rumors of a HTML5 based major overhaul of the Facebook for iPhone app and the long anticipated release of a Facebook for iPad app have been surfacing since June. TechCrunch’s Alixia Tsotsis found screenshots on Facebook’s developer site that looked like a new Facebook for iPhone app interface and speculated it is, in fact, from the Spartan project and indicates that it is close to launch. The Facebook web page has since been removed.

This Is Facebook’s Project Spartan [Screenshots]

TechCrunch’s MG Siegler believes that the Facebook for iPad app is tied to the HTML5 based Spartan project and that it will be launched either a day ahead of or during Apple’s announcement of the next generation iPhone next week Tuesday (Oct. 4, 2011).

The Planets Are Aligned: Facebook’s Spartan And iPad Projects Set To Launch Early Next Week

You can see in the screenshot here (courtesy of TechCrunch’s pre-takedown reporting) that one of the more visually striking features is the pop-over notification window. Notifications in the current Facebook app are on a separate window view.

Stay tuned until next week to learn if either of these updates are announced and released.

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