Evri for iPad: Yet Another Social News Aggregation App. Worthwhile or Not?

There is not such thing, it seems, as too many news aggregation apps with a social networking twist. The latest to join apps like Flipboard and Zite

Evri Comes To iPad With New Topic-Based News Reader

Like all the social news aggregation apps that preceded it, Evri is able to use links provided by people you follow on Twitter or Facebook. Evri’s value-add are the news categories provided automatically for you. These categories are: Top News, US & World, Entertainment, Sports, Business and Technology.

Individual topics withing a news category lets you drill down into a collection of news reports for that topic. The “Netflix” topic within the Technology category, for example, had summaries of several articles related to the topic.

I’m not certain there’s anything Evri provides that would convince me to launch it on a regular basis in addition to or replacing one of my three go-to iPad news apps: Flipboard, Zite and Bing.

You can find Evri in the iTunes app store at:

Evri for iPad

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