eWallet for iPad Update Adds Ability to Backup & Restore Encrypted Files Using Email

I still haven’t taken the time to transport my years (over a decade) of eWallet data from my Windows Mobile phone to my iPad. This is important (critical) to me. And, I don’t want to rush and make a mistake. While I procrastinated, Ilium Software announced:

A pair of updates: eWallet and eWallet Lite for iPad

As you might guess, eWallet Lite is a limited version of eWallet to give iPad owners a free way to try the app before buying. It is limited to a single “wallet” (collection) that can have up to 10 “cards”. The file containing the wallet and its cards is safely encrypted to let you carry valuable information around with you worry-free.

The big news is eWallet’s new ability to backup and restore these encrypted files using email. This is, quite simply, brilliant. It removes the need and frequent frustration of synchronization protocols with a simply and well understand process: Email.

As I said, I have not migrated my eWallet data over to the iPad yet. I assume eWallet cannot restore an older format file to the iPad. So, testing the new email backup and restore feature will have to wait for a while (perhaps this weekend).

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