eWallet Viewer Available For Android

One application that I have used on every smartphone that I have owned over the years is Ilium Software’s eWallet, which is a secure database for storing information like user ids and passwords or account numbers. You might recall that back in March I wrote a series of blog posts from an interview I did with Ellen Craw of Ilium Software. One of the consequences of using the Google Nexus One as my primary personal phone is that I cannot use eWallet because there has not been an Android version of eWallet. While I have started to use Evernote to store the information I used to put in eWallet, using Evernote’s encryption capabilities to secure that information, I have not moved the existing information in eWallet over to Evernote. I am happy to learn that Ilium has released the eWallet Viewer Android app.

It is important to note that you cannot add information in the eWallet Viewer, the app only allows viewing of information in an eWallet file. You can update an eWallet file using a PC and then synchronize that file to an Android phone. The Android-to-PC synchronization requires that you be running eWallet 7 on the PC. The eWallet Viewer is a free application and is available now in the Android Market, while the Windows version of eWallet costs $19.95 and is available directly from Ilium Software.