Ex-Channel 9 Anchor Wins at Cannes But Needs to be Forced to Watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Mike Walter deserves a standing ovation. And then he needs to sit down and watch hours and hours of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Last week the former Channel 9 newscaster attended the Cannes Film Festival and his film, “Breaking News Breaking Down”, won best documentary short at the festival. The film also became an official selection in the Short Film Corner. “Winning is definitely better than just being an official selection, although being selected is a big deal,” Walter told FishbowlDC. “Trust me I never thought I would win anything at all. To be honest I saw the press release and just scanned it and thought I didn’t get anything and then looked again and saw the news.”

He added, “Naturally I’m sky high!”

But a stargazer he is not. At Cannes, he was largely unimpressed with Woody Allen’s film, “Tall Dark Stranger” saying it was just like all his others and that Allen’s films ought to be called “Groundhog Day” because they are all the same.

At the Sundance Film Festival in January, his star-watching abilities were infinitely worse. “I wouldn’t spot a famous person if they were standing right next to me,” he said. “Case in point … we went to a place to have dinner. This place was famous for it’s bloody marys. You could go up and just pick out all this stuff to put in your bloody mary, from asparagus to olives and celery. So I’m standing there looking at all this stuff and the lady standing next to me keeps moving away slightly and giving me a dirty look. I don’t pay much attention. I go to the bathroom, and come back to my seat in the bar and my wife asks me if I recognized the woman at the Bloody Mary bar. I said no…and she said well it was Catherine Heigl.”

Point being, if there was a star to see at Cannes, Walter didn’t pay them any mind.

His excuse for never watching Grey’s (and for spelling her name with a C instead of a K)? “In my old job I had to be in bed by 7:30 p.m and up by 2:30 a.m.,” he reasoned.

Regardless, congratulations to Walter on his big win.
(He is pictured above at Cannes with his wife, Kate Stafford-Walter at the Grand Lumiere Theater at Cannes.)

The Washington Examiner ran an item on Walter’s win today and WTOP was also expected to run something on Walter’s win.

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