Washington Examiner Crime Reporter’s Daughter Witnessed Dad’s Firing

The Washington Examiner recently dropped a bombshell on its newsroom, giving the boot to some 87 journalists to effectively start a new online political publication, including crime reporter Scott McCabe, whose work has actually helped solve crimes, and gossip columnist Nikki Schwab. McCabe and Schwab recently spoke with American University’s clean and professional District Wire News broadcast about losing their jobs and dished about went down during the firings.

In McCabe’s case, his daughter was on Spring Break and at work with him that day… “So her Spring Break was watching her Dad get fired,” McCabe said in the interview, mustering a dark chuckle. McCabe has written for the Examiner for seven years. For her part, Schwab, who has worked at the Examiner for three and a half years, expressed that what was hurtful to her was her feeling that brass essentially said, we don’t care about your expertise in a given area, we want opinion.

Watch here.

UPDATE: What’s more, we’re now hearing from an Examiner source that not only was McCabe’s daughter in the newsroom on the day he was fired, but so was the infant son of Kytja Weir, another reporter who lost her job.

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