Exclusive: Associated Content Is Looking For The Next Saul Hansell

Associated Content wants the next Saul Hansell.

Yes, that’s right: the company that specializes in “content created at scale” wants an editorial director “similar to what Seed is doing.” (That’s hiring NYTer Saul Hansell away to oversee editorial content, for those not keeping score at home.)

We spoke with AC CEO Patrick Keane, who joined the company nearly a year ago, after stints at CBS Interactive and Google, about what exactly he’s looking for.

“I don’t want someone who’s a traditional news person,” he told us. “Most of our content really is evergreen. Someone who’s been behind the desk at AP is probably not the best candidate, as great as those people are. [I want] someone who can really rethink how content is created. Something data driven. We’ve been looking for that person for a while. We’ve received a ton of applications, but a lot of them have met that profile of ‘I’ve been at Conde Nast for a while, but not anymore.’…it’s a tough profile, to be honest. I want someone who is steeped in social media, who’s a real digital media content creation expert, and who can work in a startup environment.”

And don’t think you can get away with sitting holed up in your corner office: “It’s not like someone who’s going to sit in a corner…and shout out to an assistant what they need. I’d like this person to manage our contributors and work alongside them. I require everyone who works here to write for the site so they understand. The person who fills this seat, I want to be a contributor as well. Someone in the trenches, creating content.”

If you’re interested in this job, you can send your resume to resumes@associatedcontent.com or view the job at http://www.associatedcontent.com/jobs.html#sec4