Explore Alternative Designs of Manhattan with Museum of the Phantom City App

It’s unfortunate that great app ideas are often mired in their poor execution. It’s often best to wait and develope apps to the fullest function, but too often, we see projects such as this Museum of the Phantom City app, lose the faith and trust of those willing to use it. Fortunately, it’s free, but not free of frustrations.

Museum of the Phantom City lets you view visionary designs created by architects and artists throughout history. Walk through the city and see Buckminster Fuller’s Dome over midtown Manhattan, Adolf Loos’s unbuilt Chicago Tribune Tower, or Archigram’s pop-futurist Walking City, all while standing on the projects’ intended sites.

The concept is perfect for urban explorers and architects like myself. It’s a mapping, but it’s an alternate vision that’s displayed on your smartphone. The visionary and the fantastical is melded in a virtual map that shows us what might have been or what can be. It’s a great way to navigate and engage in civic conversations about cities and the spaces that we live in. They are constantly changing, mostly, by invisible hands.

We hope the app gets better with time, as its potential is great. We think it should be very social and most importantly, functional.

To use: White bursts overlaid on a darkened map of the city indicate the sites of past visions. Tap on the burst to unlock the content for that site. Users can “rate” the futures, and access other features, by tapping at the bottom of the screen.

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