Eye-Fi Direct Mode About To Be Available

Back in January the makers of the Eye-Fi WiFi-enabled Secure Digital cards announced that they will be adding the ability to directly transfer pictures from cameras to mobile devices later this year. We now know the feature be available on a new 8 GB Mobile X2 card that will be available for purchase starting April 17. Owners of existing X2 cards will be able to install an upgrade by the end of the month that adds the feature to their card.

The Eye-Fi cards provide the ability to wirelessly transfer pictures from digital cameras to personal computers that are connected to the same WiFi network. Direct Mode provides the ability to directly transfer pictures from cameras to PCs and mobile devices like the iPad without having to be connected to a WiFi network. The Direct Mode feature will make it easy to offload pictures from the cards, which come in 4 GB and 8 GB sizes, while in hotels, or other places where a WiFi network doesn’t exist.

In addition to the upgrades for the Eye-Fi cards, iOS and Android apps will be available for download. The apps will provide the ability to publish pictures to web sites like Flickr and Facebook, in addition to backing up files and providing the ability to view them on a larger screen.

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