Facebook’s March 2010 US Traffic by Age and Sex: Overall Growth Slower than Past Months

Facebook’s overall number of monthly active users in the US stayed around 113 million over the course of March, according to our latest look at the company’s self-reported numbers. We specifically counted 112.67 million for February and 113.28 million last month, which is the slowest gain we’ve seen since June of last year.

However, the number of people who identify themselves as either male or female on Facebook rose from 108 million to 111 million in March. Perhaps more existing users got around to selecting their sex in their personal profiles? More like, we’re seeing statistical blips in the data. We get our data from Facebook’s advertising tool, which provides accurate data, but delayed by an indeterminate and mixed amount of time, typically at least several weeks back. Third party services showed little to negative to growth for Facebook in February, too, though.

So, all in all, we’re guessing that the data below is actually from February, and the dip could be in part from the shorter month, and perhaps other factors, like users getting confused by a home page redesign that it introduced at the beginning of that month. We’ll see what April shows.

Anyway, those crucial but nuanced qualifications aside, here’s the gains we saw in the US based on age and sex — remember, this growth is visible because we saw an overall 3 million increase in the number of sex-identifying people on Facebook.

Facebook users still skew young, with younger adults being the single largest groups. The gender imbalance is still the same, with nearly 56% of users people who designate a gender self-identifying as female.

And out of this mix, women between 18 and 25 and men between 35 and 44 racked up the two largest numerical gains.

However, men in every demographic bracket above 35 posted significant percentage gains, because there are relatively fewer of them on Facebook to begin with. Young women 18 to 15 also grew fast, as did all older female groups.

Given the wide ranging growth among both sexes and ages, the overall portions of users by age remains pretty much as it has in past months.

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