Facebook Says More Than 350 Million Users Access It On Mobile Devices

Facebook said 350 million of its 800 million monthly active users access the service through mobile devices today in an update to its statistics page. The last time it spoke about this number was back in March, when it said it had 250 million monthly active mobile users.

Our app tracking service AppData does record actives for Facebook’s different smartphone apps. Since Facebook is likely one of the most, if not the most, popular smartphone app in the world excluding China, its growth can be used as a proxy for developers interested in the market size of each platform.

We went through our service AppData to compile the following figures. The iPhone app is adding about 250,000 users per week to reach nearly 90.1 million monthly active users. Growth has slowed in recent weeks in likely anticipation of the iPhone 5, which may make its debut in October.

Facebook for Android is showing five times as high a growth rate as iOS with nearly 1.5 million users becoming monthly active users every single week.

Facebook for Blackberry is still adding monthly actives at a decent clip with 470,000 coming on each week. It’s at 44.4 million monthly actives and nearly 28 million daily actives.

Facebook for Windows Phone is still lagging far behind with 807,294 monthly actives. The smartphone app added just 8,642 monthly actives in the last week.

Facebook for Every Phone, which is a rebranded version of what Israeli company Snaptu was building in partnership with the social network until it was acquired by Facebook in March, is still one of the largest apps with 31.4 million monthly active users. It’s adding just over 300,000 monthly actives per week.