Facebook Accidentally Resets Email Notifications

Facebook has accidentally reset email notifications for some users. While the site has fixed this glitch, those affected still need to go back through the checklist consisting of 73 items.

Facebook claims it has fixed a glitch that had unleashed email notifications for some users, sending them messages about up to 73 different types things they may have opted out of receiving.

Facebook first acknowledged this glitch last night and claimed to have fixed it by around 8:45 am Pacific time this morning. However, users have complained of problems well after that time.

And even the fix of the problem requires those whose email settings got changed to manually go back and redo all of them.

That means clicking on the top right-hand corner of the home screen on Facebook, then selecting “account settings,” followed by “notifications.” Then you see a list of 73 different things that Facebook could notify you for, with boxes next to them.

Users whose accounts got reset will likely encounter all 73 boxes checked and need to go through them to pare down the number of emails they’ll receive. However, some readers are complaining that as soon as they redo the email notifications, the site seems to ignore them or revert to sending all the messages that the user had just opted out of.

Readers, did you experience the notifications glitch firsthand — or do you know anyone who did?