Facebook Adds A Third Employee To D.C. Office

Over the weekend we started receiving tips about a new hire at Facebook’s D.C. office but as of today, we’ve found out that the new hire is Andrew Noyse, who was most recently at the National Journal. This is the third employee following Adam Conner and Tim Sparapani. While Facebook has a relatively small presence in comparison to Google, the company continues to expand and as the site matures, one would only expect its D.C. presence to expand as well.

What will Andrew be doing at the D.C. office? He will be working as the manager of public policy communications. Given his extensive reach in the D.C. metro area, he’s a perfect fit for the job. While we aren’t quite sure exactly what his job will entail, I’d guess that there will be a lot of schmoozing involved! Here’s what Barry Schnitt sent to the Facebook employees about the new hire:

I wanted to let you know of a new hire for Facebook in Washington, D.C. Andrew Noyes, 29, will join the company as manager of public policy communications. Andrew, who formally starts in mid-November, brings a wealth of relevant experience to help Facebook manage and further develop relationships in the nation’s capital.

As Facebook continues to innovate and grow – with a rapidly growing user community of more than 300 million – it is important that we expand our capability to explain to policymakers, the press and the public how we enable people to share in a more trusted environment, help make the world more connected, and drive economic growth. Specific policy issues on the agenda for Andrew and the rest of Facebook’s DC office include enhancing cybersecurity and online safety, expanding digital privacy protection through user control of data, and protecting free speech.