Facebook Adds More Game-like Suggestions

Facebook has been using the “Suggestions” module on the home page to increase engagement through friend discovery for months. Now, however, Facebook has expanded the set of reengaging actions it’s encouraging, adding some subtle game elements in the process.

With the latest home page redesign, many users are now getting Suggestions to “reconnect” with Facebook friends by writing on their walls. In some of these upsells, Facebook is showing a progress bar with statistics like “35% active” to encourage users to help their friends get more active.

Of course, it’s not clear what “35% active” even means (Facebook doesn’t surface activity scores anywhere else in its UI), but that’s not the point. These types of promotions have proven effective in the past; Facebook has been using similar progress bars on new users’ profile pages for quite a while.

However, not all of Facebook’s new suggestions have gone over smoothly. Some users have complained that Facebook has suggested it “reconnect” with Facebook friends who have passed away. That’s a difficult problem for Facebook to solve, but it has been working on ways to memorialize these people’s profiles.

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