Facebook allows users to drag and drop photos into publisher for faster sharing

Facebook has begun rolling out an update to the publisher box where users can make status updates and share photos. Now users can drag and drop image files into the box to quickly share one or more photos from their News Feed or Timeline.

The update eliminates the sometimes cumbersome process of navigating through file folders and menu options. It also allows users to attach multiple photos to a post without having to go through the process of creating a photo album, which previously wasn’t possible from desktop.

For now, this feature is available in the publisher above News Feed and users’ Timelines, but not on business pages. It takes a minimum of six clicks for a page owner to upload and publish a single photo from desktop. With the drag-and-drop feature for users, someone can share a photo in one click. It’s likely the feature will be added to pages at some point.

Drag-and-drop uploading is available for users’ and pages’ Timeline cover photo. It’s also an option within the new Messsages format. We have not heard from Facebook whether the feature is limited certain browsers.

Photos are one of the most critical features for Facebook to get right. The company has significantly improved the photo viewing and sharing experience on mobile this year with its standalone Camera app and features that were later brought to the main iOS app. Today’s update is a vast improvement for desktop users.