Facebook Also Adds OAuth For Third-Party Mobile Development

Buried in Facebook’s many announcements and changes at its f8 developer conference last week was a couple slight modifications to its mobile documentation. The company added support for an open standard that allows secure data-sharing, called OAuth, and it changed some phrasing around the iPhone SDK.

OAuth, or Open Authorization, lets users share private information like photos and friend lists from one site to another without having to share their username and passwords. Facebook implemented the 2.0 version of the standard together its Open Graph API and social plugins launches, so apps can securely identify Facebook users and request their permission to access specific types of personal data. The company had been pointing to the OAuth move for months.

As the mobile documentation now says, OAuth 2.0 is also live for mobile developers looking to use Facebook in their mobile web sites and applications.

The other update in the docs is due to the fact that Facebook is also getting rid of the “Connect” brand to avoid market confusion. It has renamed “Connect for iPhone SDK” to the “iPhone SDK.”

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