Facebook Analytics for Apps Adds Time Zones, Hourly Charts

Facebook added two major features to its Analytics for Apps Thursday: the ability to set time zones and view data by hour of the day.

Facebook added two major features to its Analytics for Apps Thursday: the ability to set time zones and view data by hour of the day.

The social network also added an option for “last 24 hours” in Analytics for Apps’ date picker and the ability to break down reports by time interval.

Software engineer Tianqi Li introduced the new Analytics for Apps features in a blog post:

You can now set a time zone on the settings page of Analytics for Apps. You can get to the settings page by clicking the gear icon at the upper-right corner of your screen. Once you set your time zone, viewing any metrics for a date range will be based on this time zone you selected (for example, the last seven days of Greenwich Mean Time). You can also change your time zone setting any time.


We’re also offering new time intervals when you view event data so that you can see trends charts by month, week, day and hour. This is most useful if you find that your data fluctuates a lot from day to day, or even during specific periods within a single day. Viewing your event trends on a weekly or monthly basis helps remove noise from your analysis and gives you a clearer view of trends in your business, while viewing on an hourly interval gives you a more specific and detailed view.


With hourly charts, you can see the time of day when your customers are most active, giving you the information you need to optimize the timing of push notifications or email campaigns. Hourly charts also help you to see whether there’s a spike in traffic. For example, if your business is featured in the news or if you run a print ad in a given market, you can see if it causes a spike in activity.


Li also provided the following instructions for developers looking to begin using the new features:

Begin by setting your local time zone. Go to the settings page in Analytics for Apps by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner. Then select the time zone to use for reporting.

To use the new time interval settings, go to your events. You’ll be able to specify the time interval and choose from hourly, daily, weekly or monthly in each of your charts.

Developers: What are your initial thoughts on the new features for Facebook’s Analytics for Apps?

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