Facebook and Messenger Are Adding a Taste of K-Pop to Their Camera Effects

Stickers, camera frames and AR effects featuring BT21, the animated characters created by BTS

Facebook teamed up with Line Friends on a collection that will be available starting Thursday - Credit by Facebook
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BT21, the animated characters created by K-Pop boy band BTS, are coming to Facebook and Messenger.

The social network teamed up with Line Friends on a collection that will be available starting Thursday, made up of eight camera stickers, two camera frames, eight augmented reality effects and one sticker pack.

People with the latest version of Messenger can tap the camera button at the bottom and swipe through until they find the eight AR effects, which can then be added to selfies and shared with friends.

Users can also capture photos or videos and then add camera frames or stickers by tapping the smiley face icon in the upper-right-hand corner. The BT21 sticker pack can also be accessed via the smiley face.

While in Messenger video chats, users can tap the video icon in the top-right corner, tap the star and swipe through to locate the BT21 effects.

Creative director for Messenger art Jennifer Whitley said, “Creative expression is at the core of how people communicate in Messenger. We offer so many fun ways for people to express themselves visually through one-on-one messages, group video chats and a variety of camera experiences. We’re always looking for fun, new ways to help people say what they want to say.”

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