Facebook and YouTube Stats Show the Buzz About ‘Steve Jobs’ Is Huge for a Biopic

20 million video views so far

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If any CEO is known for creating buzz before a product launch, it's Steve Jobs. Apple's co-founder was the king of hype. Now, his legacy is being measured in a new way—especially when it comes to Facebook and YouTube video views.

On Friday, the highly anticipated, eponymous biopic about the late celebrity CEO will debut in a limited number of theaters, but prepremiere chatter is already well underway. Moviepilot compared the buzz to the 19 days leading up to two Oscar-nominated biopics from last year—The Theory of Everything and The Imitation Game—and observed that Steve Jobs beats them both (and almost collectively) on several metric fronts.

"Steve Jobs is doing a better job of captivating younger social-savvy audiences than your usual biopic," said Moviepilot CEO Tobi Bauckhage. 

The Theory of Everything and The Imitation Game pulled in $5 million and $7.9 million, respectively, on their opening weekends. Starring Michael Fassbender as Apple's iconic co-founder, Steve Jobs opens in New York and Los Angeles tomorrow with a national release on Oct. 23.

Here are a few intriguing stats collected by Moviepilot:

1. Steve Jobs had amassed more than 20 million trailer and clip views on Facebook and YouTube in 19 days before the film's release, a sizably bigger number than the 15 million for The Theory of Everything or the 8 million for The Imitation Game had accrued 19 days before their release.

2. On Twitter, the new release also beat out the competition, racking up around 19,000 tweets during the first week of October—nearly twice the number of The Imitation Game (9,900 tweets) and more than four times that of The Theory of Everything (4,700).

3. As for Facebook likes, Steve Jobs was nearing 289,000 by Wednesday afternoon. That's more than twice the 124,000 likes The Theory of Everything had during the same period of time and decisively more than The Imitation Game's total of 128,000.

Check out the movie's trailer below:

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