Facebook App Gives Dibs On Prom Dresses

Lord & Taylor has partnered with Fashism.com to allow high school girls to claim dibs on prom outfits.

Prom is like the Super Bowl for high school girls, and surefire way for a high school girl to embarrass herself before the dancing even begins is to show up at the big event wearing the same dress as someone else. Thanks to a new application called Got Dibs, girls don’t have to worry about unknowingly engaging in a “who wore it better” competition.

Department store giant Lord & Taylor partnered with Fashism for this project, and we can only guess that the retailer hopes to get a larger cut out of the prom dress market this way.

Once a girl logs in with Facebook, the application knows what high school she goes to, assuming that information’s already on the girl’s profile and shows which dresses other girls in your high school may have uploaded to the site.

If she doesn’t see anyone in her dress, she then needs to “post and claim it” before someone else does. The site also allows you to rate others’ dresses by either clicking “love it” or “hate it” as you scroll through the photos. On the top left hand corner a “love it” percentage is tallied so you can see which dress or look is getting the highest rating.

The idea of getting friends’ opinions ahead of time is intriguing, but we see a few problems with this right off the bat: Will this application actually work if not everyone at your school uses it? Who’s to say that every girl will post a picture of her dress?

Readers, do you see any potential applications of this service to broader women’s apparel scenarios?

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