Hidden Chronicles Is The Fastest Growing Facebook App

Zynga's Hidden Chronicles maintains a steady lead, and overall social gaming applications exhibit tremendous weekly growth totals throughout the countdown.

Zynga’s Hidden Chronicles maintains a steady lead, and overall, social gaming applications exhibit tremendous weekly growth totals throughout the countdown.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

Name Daily Active Users Monthly Active Users Weekly Growth
1. Hidden Chronicles 7,200,000 30,700,000 4,600,000
2. MyCalendar – Birthdays 2,500,000 30,600,000 2,700,000
3. Yahoo! Pages 620,000 2,000,000 1,810,000
4. Fruit Ninja Frenzy 540,000 3,200,000 1,300,000
5. Birthday Cards 360,000 3,700,000 1,200,000
6. Washington Post Social Reader 1,000,000 9,400,000 1,200,000
7. Yahoo! 2,100,000 16,400,000 1,200,000
8. MiCalendario – Cumpleaños 1,100,000 16,200,000 1,000,000
9. Tetris Battle 3,500,000 14,100,000 900,000
10. Bubble Island 2,600,000 11,500,000 800,000
11. Diamond Dash 4,100,000 15,600,000 800,000
12. Pagemodo Custom Welcome Tab 750,000 15,700,000 800,000
13. Pinterest 2,200,000 9,700,000 800,000
14. Static HTML: iframe tabs 4,300,000 89,400,000 800,000
15. Static IFRAME Tab : Note Icon 120,000 2,400,000 800,000
16. Welcome tab app for Pages with TradableBits 880,000 18,400,000 800,000
17. Bubble Witch Saga 4,900,000 14,000,000 700,000
18. Woobox Custom Tab | Star #3 110,000 1,600,000 640,000
19. BandRx 490,000 11,600,000 600,000
20. Invite Your Friends Button for Pages 230,000 4,900,000 600,000


Zynga’s Hidden Chronicles hangs on to a first place ranking, this week adding 4.6 million players. Halfbrick’s growing title, Fruit Ninja Frenzy, advances to fourth place witnessing a 1.3 million weekly growth total. Returning in ninth place, 900,000 gamers compete against friends in Tetris Battle.

Bubble Island, developed by Wooga, returns in 10th earning 800,000 additions. Just one place behind, Diamond Dash also makes a comeback, accruing a 800,000 increase. Fight against evil with 700,000 more social networkers now playing Bubble Witch Saga — a 17th place week.


MyCalendar – Birthdays moves forward to second; 2.7 million additions aid in the app’s positive progression. MiCalendario – Cumpleaños comes in eight collecting an estimated one million weekly increase.

Ahead on the countdown, remember birthdays and send a virtual gift using RockYou’s Birthday Cards; the app calculates a 1.2 million growth statistic.


Yahoo Pages compiles the search engine’s many subpages in one location, and 1.8 million more Facebook users connect to stay current, for a third place finish. Yahoo‘s main application is found in seventh synching 1.2 million accounts.


Washington Post Social Reader connects 1.2 million social networkers with news headlines in sixth place. Pinterest, a Cold Brew Labs creation, continues to become an increasingly successful social network in the 13th position; 800,000 users sign in using Facebook account information.

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Pagemodo Custom Welcome Tab is in 12th with a 800,000 seven day growth figure. Static HTML: iframe tabs combines a tabs built and view total for a similar estimated sum and comes in 14th. Static IFRAME Tab: Note Icon also shares a identical total just one place behind.

TradableBits’ Welcome tab app for pages grows by 800,000 to finish 16th place. Woobox Custom Tab | Star #3 makes a first appearance in 18th amassing a 640,000 weekly growth total. Improving the Facebook presence of a number musicians, BandRx ranks in 19th equating a 600,000 total.

In the final spot on the countdown, Invite Your Friends Button for Pages also has a growth total of 600,000.

Readers, are you frequently using any of this week’s fastest growing apps?