Facebook asking users about Facebook Home campaign, educate on product

Some Facebook users are seeing sponsored research polls about the company’s most recent Facebook Home campaign.

The poll asks users which companies they most associate with “putting your friends at the heart of your phone” and provides related companies and social networks. The marketing campaign included news feed advertisements and the company’s first produced television commercials.

In response to the poor reception of Home including AT&T’s discontinuation of Home’s flagship phone, the HTC First, Facebook looks interested in learning more about how these ads can be improved for future campaigns. The company has also recently updated the application for better stability and make improvements to the experience.

Earlier this week, Facebook reminded users that they could turn off Facebook Home and use their phone normally as they see fit. The company seems to be making a continued effort in to educate their users on the product and how it can be used. By researching through polls and learning more about how users understand it, Facebook can try to correct on oversights for future campaigns of Home.