Facebook Asks Some Users to Set Its Site as Their Browser Home Page

Facebook has begun to ask some users if they’d like to make the site their browser home page, via a note that is appearing above their news feeds.

When a user logs into the site, a dialog box appears asking you to make Facebook your home page. “Come here often? We’ve noticed you use Facebook regularly. Set Facebook as your homepage to make getting here faster for you.” Then there’s a button with two house icons that reads, “Make Facebook my Homepage.”

The result, of course, is that users who come back to Facebook by default when they launch their web browser are more likely to engage with the service than users who have another site set as their home page.

Other companies have done this before, most notably Google, and it seems a logical step given how popular Facebook has become in the U.S. and around the world. On the other hand, many users have probably already made Facebook their default home page on their own.

Given Facebook’s message, it is apparently using traffic data to figure out which users are returning to the site frequently but have not already made Facebook their home page.

Thanks to Bert for the tip.

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